Life is beautiful and fleeting. Life is also terrifying and heartbreaking. Life is what we all go through. It’s what we make of the choices we’re given. Life can be unfair for people born in harder, tougher, poorer conditions. Life can seem easy for those who are living rich and excessively. The truth is, though, we’re all human. We all have our inner battles and external battles. It’s not to disregard those suffering in harsher conditions because I believe those who go through tougher times have the option of coming out stronger and more connected to their purpose. They had to choose to fight. Some days it feels like you gave up, but the fact that you’re still here today shows you fought even when you had the most doubt. Life has its hardships for everyone, but isn’t it those little moments of such joy, forgiveness, and freedom that we end up sticking around for? We must know it WILL get better, maybe you’ll come back down to the same low again, but then it WILL get better AGAIN. Each time you get back up you become stronger and more connected to your purpose, because it’s those times that guide you to where you’re supposed to end up. It’s those times you tend to reflect on who you are and how you want to live your life, figuring out what needs to change. I sure have my fair share of “regrets” and “failures,” but honestly if I hadn’t “messed up” I wouldn’t have reflected on myself and who I want to be. I wouldn’t have grown to the more connected and stronger me I am today. We need to stop beating ourselves up all the time because it only hinders the journey to a more fulfilling life. Perfection will never be met, we’re imperfect beings, but we can all try and make the most of the choices we’re given in life.