Surrounded by others, though only agonizingly isolated in my mind.


Thoughts that won’t slow or even pause.

Silence, no.

Instead they’re scrambled, intertwined, lacing, above, below, and through one another.

It’s hard to keep track of the chaos, yet not one sound is made outside of these lips.

I’m screaming I swear, I’m trembling in anxiety, but my super power is invisibility, you see.

It’s what I always would say I wanted when asked what super power would I choose.

I promise you this: it’s not so great going unnoticed in order to freely observe others.

They’re not always interesting.

Even worse, when you need them the most they have no idea what’s going on past those beautiful eyes.

You blend in.

You’re seen as just another boring human.

You’re pretty?

Oh so what, you have no personality.

It’s all trapped in that mind of yours that no one knows about.

Maybe I’m fearful of sharing it because it’s the one thing that keeps me feeling different from just another girl in this world.

If I share it and it’s rejected, judged, laughed at, the truth of me will diminish away.

The truth of me is so fragile, so scared, but so wise.

Once someone comes to take pieces for themselves, disrupting it’s order and not giving anything in return, I’ll disappear.

Only fragmented pieces will remain and I don’t know if it’s possible to build back up.